Health Problems That Can Be Caused By A Dirty Sofa

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Mites love to live in dusty and damp areas including on sofas that are rarely cleaned. The dirtier the condition of the sofa, the more rapid the development of mites. The presence of dust mingled with mites can cause people sitting or lying on the couch was catching a cold. Dust will stick to the wall of the nose while breathing so sneeze sustained cause of colds cannot be avoided. In the meantime, you may also call the top 5 carpet cleaners to clean your sofa professionally.

Various allergies

In addition to dust and mites, a dirty sofa also contains a variety of bacteria because it is directly tangent to the sweaty skin. Of course, dirt that continues to grow every day but not cleaned will make the occupants of the house exposed to various allergies.


The dangers of the sofa are never cleaned for the skin is also no less terrible. Sensitive skin will respond quickly after sitting on a dirty sofa. Due to the amount of dust, bacteria, and mites, the skin will become itchy and flushed. The surface of the skin will be itchier and eventually remove the liquid, this is called eczema. Eczema will make the original skin smooth and smooth so have a lot of spots with the marks that are difficult to remove.

Do not let your health and the family disturbed just because the sofa is rarely cleaned or washed so much dirt like dust to mites sticking and perched. The dangers of sofas that are never cleaned for health can be avoided by cleaning the sofas regularly either at home or a launderette.
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