Dress Style Turns Out To Describe Your Personality!

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So far, fashion trends are considered important if you don’t want to be labeled ‘old fashioned’ and unfashionable. This is also seen in Dotaciones. Though not necessarily the trend following the personality. Even though it looks trivial, clothing styles that don’t match your personality can cause discomfort, lack of self-confidence, and can’t form personal branding.

Is that true?
A study led by a professor revealed there is a phenomenon called enclothed cognition. This phenomenon can judge a person’s behavior from what he wears. Simply put, when you are in the hospital and see someone wearing a white coat/coat, of course, you will think that person is smart, thorough, and careful. Yes, a white coat/coat is a symbol of a doctor’s attire.

Another example, when you see a woman wearing a mini dress with high heels, you think that the woman is a very feminine figure. But it’s different when you see women in sneakers, jackets, and hats. Of course, you see that the woman is a sporty figure or even a tomboy.

Apart from being a reflection of the personality of others, the style of dress can also affect the attitudes and ways of self-behavior. In his research, Adam revealed that whatever a person wears will affect his attitude and behavior.

For example, when you wear non-formal or casual clothes, of course, you will become more relaxed. On the other hand, if you wear formal clothes, your focus will change. The way we dress is indeed one way to express who we are. But the way a person dresses is not a measure of how good or bad a person’s personality is, but the way they respond to psychological, social, financial, and other problems in their lives.

To build a good personality in someone’s eyes through fashion but still prioritize comfort, forget about trends. Choose a dress style according to your personality. To start with is not difficult, arrange as you like clothes that can make you more confident. Start wearing clothes that are comfortable and flexible or easy to mix and match.

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