1655 Analog Compass Sensor

This sensor provides a ratiometric output on two channels. The outputs swing from approximately 3.2v to 1.8v in a sine/cosine fashion. It will return to the indicated direction from a 90 degree displacement in approximately 2.5 seconds with no overswing.


Power 5-volts DC @ 19 ma. Since rise time is only 90 nanoseconds, input current may be pulsed to save power.
Outputs Dual analog channels, 2.5v 0.75v swing (total voltage swing rail to rail, aprox. 1.50v), 4ma DC signal. May feed direct to A-D front end of microprocessor.
Weight 2.25 grams
Size 12.7 mm diameter, 16 mm tall
Pins 3 pins on 2 sides on .050 centers
Temp -20 to +85 degrees C

Note: The specs of this sensor are identical to the 1525 except that the total voltage swing is larger